Thursday, February 27, 2020

U.S. Citizenship Class 12, Spring 2020, Milpitas Adult School

uscitizenpod: Mix and Match U.S. Citizenship Interview Level C Practice 2 Plus Geography Quiz

N-400: (5:45-6:30)
  • Warm-up with Part 12 Vocab Quiz
    • give students time to complete the quiz, then discuss and correct
  • Interview C-4
    • model the interview with a student volunteer, then pair-up students to practice
    • check in with practicing pairs
    • as they are ending their interviews, distribute red flash cards to allow them practice 5 -10 more minutes

Civics (6:30-7:30)
  • ESL Library: American Citizenship
    • round-robin read aloud page by page
    • Check for understanding, and explain vocabulary/concepts
    • give students time to complete handout exercises on the page
    • Correct and discuss work
    • Pair practice for 5 minutes (circulate throughout the class to help/encourage people)
    • move on to the next page

Integration (7:45-8:30)
  • 7:45-8:10 Finish civics discussion
    • EXTRA: If you have already completed the civics material, pass out Pair Work (Student A & B) (pg 10-11 from ESL Library pdf)
      • read, discuss, complete, correct
      • stop civics discussion by 8:10 and move to the next task
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz with Anh Thi Vu pdf
    • give students time to complete the quiz, then discuss and correct
    • 8:30-8:45 Ask the students if they want to practice with you one-on-one and use this quiz to ask them the questions

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