Thursday, June 29, 2017

Houston: Most Diverse Large City in US

VOA Learning English: Houston: Most Diverse Large City in US

America’s population is becoming older and more diverse. VOA visited Houston, Texas, the most diverse large city in the United States.
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Explainer: US Census 2016 Population Update

USCIS 100:25. Why do some states have more Representatives than other states?

VOALearningEnglish: Explainer: US Census 2016 Population Update

More info from the US Census Bureau

USCIS 100:25. Why do some states have more Representatives than other states?

  • (because of) the state’s population
  • (because) they have more people
  • (because) some states have more people

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Citizenship Resources at #ISTE17 #notatISTE17

Every year, host a huge convention where teachers share best education technology practices.  This year, I participated in the ISTE17 companion "virtual" conference, #notatISTE17, organized by Jennifer Wagner and her tech-posse.  My #1 take-a-way: #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Here are some online resources that may be of interest to ESL/Citizenship Adult Educators.  Tech up your Citizenship class! 

#ISTE17 Workshops related to US Citizenship

Eagle Eye Citizen: Interactive Engagement with Civics and History 
Presenter: Sara Collini   
Learn how solving and creating online challenges using primary sources can help students develop historical thinking skills and civic understanding with the exciting and mobile-friendly interactive Eagle Eye Citizen <>, a project funded by the Library of Congress.
***This may be a great alternate to Ben's Guide

Exploring Global and Social Issues through Online Games
Presenter: Michael Furdyk   
Calling all teachers and students! Join us to see how learning about important global and social issues can be fun by playing some of TakingITGlobal’s interactive online games — and dozens of others researched and produced by leading non-profits around the world.  ****Students can learn about global issues though online activities at and educators can earn #DigitalBadges at TIG also collaborated on the games for

Tecnologia Para Hispanohablantes: Explore Best Spanish-Language Digital Resources
Presenters:  John Lien and  Dr. Rita Oates   
Teachers who teach in Spanish — with native speakers or second language learners — will explore ways to increase Spanish language in classrooms through websites, apps, videos and strategies. World language instruction focuses on using authentic materials, including audio and video sources and digital materials for student learning in Spanish.
***I will share these resources with my Spanish-speaking students

More Resources from #ISTE17 #notatISTE17 

Alice Keeler: ISTE17 Google Classroom Presentations
***Her daily tweets about Google classroom make me want to use Google apps more effectively in my own class.

edutopia: 22 Powerful Closure Activities by Todd Finley @finleyt
Closure ends a lesson and creates a lasting impression, so make it fun.  students will retain information reinforced with music, movement, art, or play.
***I always want every second count in my class and it end it on an upnote.  This list provides a great variety of closing activities.

Pick a video, as questions, and track your students' understanding.  
***I can't wait to start annotating my citizenship videos and videos from VOANews with questions that check for understanding.

EdTechTeam: Top Ten Screencastify Tips
***I am looking forward to using this toolto make more screencasts about how to use online ESL/Citizenship resources for low-level ESL students.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
An educational blog dedicated to curating, reviewing and sharing EdTech tools and mobile apps.
***This blog has greatly expanded since I last visited and I need to dig deeper into the mobile apps for my students.

Must join the community.  Follow on Twitter #notatISTE17 #NOTATISTE
***I just spent all my free time during the last 5 days virtually swimming in tech. Best.Staycation.EVER!

Google: Create & grade quizzes with Google Forms
***I am looking forward to embedding mp3s in Google Forms to create a series of online listenng quizzes.

Google for Educators: Digital Citizenship and Safety Course
***#1 on my summer profdev list

Google Interland Digital Citizenship curriculum 
Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence. 
***I am looking forward to using this resource for CASAS EL Civics COAPPS 47& 48.

ISTE YouTube channel
Videos of keynotes and more. 
***I really hope post thee video from the session, "One Big Idea in Three Minutes"

Julian Davis: Adult Learning with Technology
Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners eBook  and
Mobile Learning Let’s Not Phone It In! eBook
***I super-apreciate his blog's orientation to the adult learner and look forward to digging through his research to strengthen my students' learning experience.

Kahoot Blog
Ideas about how to use GetKahoot New Blog post features Kahoot's new app!
***Both my ESL and Citizenship students love Kahoot ( and this summer I want to spend time make a series of Citizenship Jumble activities.

Nell Eckersley
Daily updates of Mobile Learning for Adult Education via ""
***My Adult students live and die by their cell phones (and don't necessarily have home computers).  Adult educators must start creating mobile-device-accessible resources for our students.  This resources helps us stay in touch with the freshest mobile-tech developments.

A graduated approach to promote literacy through high-interest news and nonfiction articles daily.
***This is similar to VOA Learning English and I was able to incorporate Newsela stories into a pilot Odesseyware Citizenship course.  I definitely need to dig deeper into this resource.

No Excuse List
The best place on the web to learn anything, free.
***My first IT supervisor said, "Gandhi had the same 24 hours a day that you have, and he liberated India."  In other words, stop making excuses, get back to work, and liberate your corner of the world.  Here are the tools.

Scribble Maps
Create custom maps, widgets, and images. Share your custom maps with friends or publish them to your website/blo.  
***I plan to use it with #Citizenship students to connect their daily journey with Naturalization interview questions

Susan Gaer: Internet Safety for Adults
An Ignite session for NOATISTE on Internet Safety
***Got 5 minutes?  Wanna learn about Internet Safety?  I have learned so much from Susan's presentations (best collection: search for"Susan Gaer" at )

Sylvia Duckworth
Check out a collection of her #sketchnotes 
***I doodled my way through many meetings and classes, yet I felt that I was "unworthy" to try #sketchnotes.  No more.

Ron Burke: 21 Technology Task/App Challenges for Teachers
***A tech course in and of itself with simple, clear lesson plans.  I also love the idea of organizing content graphically.

Teachers Pay Teachers: Citizenship Lessons
Teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. 
***More content to explore

ThingLink Education Blog
ThingLink is the leading provider of image and video interaction tools in the classroom. 
***I have done a couple ThingLinks and plan to reorganize my various Citizenship Resource lists as ThingLinks

Think Open: BYOD
***Every one jump into the tech-pool.  

Tom Mullaney: Soundtrap for Podcasting
Soundtrap is a great tool for recording and editing audio in Google Chrome. Watch as I demonstrate.
***Great demo.  I podcast with my students and am eager to connect with others who do as well.  

App to record and share as a link or QR code audio in the classroom and beyond.  
***Another interesting tool for podcasters because it solves the proble of students navigating to the audio files (use the QR code).

See y'all next year in Chicago!