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U.S. Citizenship Resources for Arab American Heritage Month

Arab American Foundation: Arab American Heritage Month, 2024 page

Arab American institute: Arab American Heritage Month is official! page

Arab American National Museum: Core Galleries page

History: Arab American Heritage Month, 2024 page

News Center Maine: The history behind April becoming National Arab American Heritage Month video

Now This News: Why We Need Arab American Heritage Month video

NYC Public School: Arab American Heritage Month page

Share America: (search for more!)

  • April is National Arab American Heritage Month 2022 article
  • Americans’ desire to learn Arabic continues 2022 article
  • 4 Arab Americans share their insights on the United States 2021 article
  • Get to know 5 notable Arab Americans 2021 article
  • Arab-American women: Making their mark and sharing their stories 2017 article

NYC Public School: Arab American Heritage Month page

NYPL: American American Heritage Month page

Smithsonian: Arab American Heritage Month page

Thirteen: Arab American Heritage Month page

US State: Recognizing National Arab American Heritage Month statement | shorts | 2024 

White House: A Proclamation on Arab American Heritage Month, 2024 statement


  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Esam Omeish (Libya) pdf 
  • Easy Practice U.S. Citizenship Interview with Hafida Elidrissi video
  • Basic U.S. Citizenship Interview with Hafida and Teacher Jennifer video
  • A Typical U.S. Citizenship Interview with Hafida and Teacher Jennifer video
  • A Quick U.S. Citizenship Interview featuring Voting and Taxes video
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Louay Safi (Syria) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Mohamed Awad Elhassan (Sudan) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview with Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem) and Josefina Rios (Mexico) video
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Nimco Ahmed (Somalia) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Rend al-Rahim (Iraq) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Safa Aldabyani (Yemen) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview with Samia Amed (Yemen) mp3


Arabic Naturalization Process Presentation (video)

يمكنك أن تصبح مواطناً أمريكياً بالولادة أو عبر التجنّس. يولد الأفراد مواطنين أمريكيين بصفة عامة إذا ولدوا في الولايات المتحدة أو إذا ولدوا في الخارج لأبوين أمريكيين. يمكنك أيضاً الحصول على الجنسية الأمريكية إذا كنت بعمر يقل عن الثامنة عشر وكنت مقيماً بصفة قانونية دائمة عندما تم تجنيس أحد والديك أو كليهما، أو بعد تبنيك من قبل والد أمريكي.
ترحب USCIS بالالجئين وطالبي اللجوء
أسئلة حول التربية المدنية (التأريخ والحكومة) لاختبار التجن  
 أسئلة التربية المدنية للمتمتعين بالإعفاء 20/65 

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Chinese Migrants Use Social Media Tips on Trek to US-Mexico Border

VOA News: Chinese Migrants Use Social Media Tips on Trek to US-Mexico Border

Some of those arrivals have learned from social media websites and applications about how to make the long and dangerous journey, migrants, immigration experts, attorneys and current and former U.S. officials, told Reuters. (read more)

More new at VOA News: Immigration

Friday, April 28, 2023

N-400 Part 12e Detailed Review: Question 16

uscitizenpod: N-400 Part 12e Detailed Review: Question 15

download the pdf

All Thirty N-400 Section Practice Interviews Based on the USCIS Application for Naturalization

Download all scripts:

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U.S. Citizenship Resources for National Library Week

See the original NLW 1958 poster

In honor of Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (April 13, 1743), US Citizenship Podcast celebrates National Library Week 2023. Libraries help transform immigrants into newUScitizens-to-be by providing including study guides, cds/dvds, online courses, and ESL/Citizenship classes.  Learn more about US Citizenship at your local library!

POP QUIZ Background:

After the British burned U.S. capital to the ground (1814), Jefferson donated his personal library to the US government.  Jefferson's library became the core of the Library of Congress, the national library of the United States.

POP QUIZ Civics Questions
  1. Name one war fought by the United States in the 1800s.
  2. Name one branch or part of the government.*
  3. Who makes federal laws?
  4. What are two rights of everyone living in the United States?
  5. What is the capital of the United States?* Libraries
Libraries play a critical role in serving immigrant communities. Through our joint effort with IMLS, we plan to educate librarians, and in turn their immigrant customers, on topics ranging from naturalization, the unauthorized practice of immigration law, and the importance of digital literacy.
American Library Association: 
Arlington TV: U.S. Naturalization Ceremony at Arlington VA Central Library (video)
U. S. General Naturalization Ceremony held April 12, 2018 at the Arlington Central Library, Arlington, VA.

Arlington County Library: Special US Naturalization - Arlington VA 
with Deaf Performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Mayari Loza

Burton Barr Library Youth Naturalization Ceremony 2012
Phoenix area residents take the Oath of Allegiance and become U.S. citizens during a special ceremony at Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix. Members of the Library Teen Council facilitate the event.

Hartford Public Library: The American Place (TAP) 
HPL/TAP is a free program of Hartford Public Library designed to welcome immigrants and ease their transition into their new home city. TAP promotes Hartford’s shared civic values and its vibrant cultural multiplicity.  Check out HPL/TAP course: Citizenship on the Go.

Folsom Library Helps Welcome New US Citizens
The Folsom Library hosts the swearing in of 25 new US Citizens. This is the ninth year that the US Citizenship Immigration Services has partnered with the library to present this ceremony.

200 New Citizens Take Oath At JFK Library
Two hundred immigrants became American citizens at JFK Library in Boston. WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports. Published on Feb 9, 2017.

The Jones Library Study Guides for The Citizenship Test
The Jones Library E.S.L. Center is an award winning program providing volunteer tutors, tutoring space, study materials, computer-assisted instruction, citizenship classes, English classes and referrals to adult immigrants in the Amherst area. Check out their pdf/audio study guides.

US Naturalization Oath Ceremony, Jones Library, September 4, 2019

The recording of a naturalization and citizenship ceremony at the Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The Kansas City Public Library: Naturalization Ceremony at Central Library
On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 about 110 applicants from 45 countries were sworn in as citizens of the United States.

KMBC: KC library hosts naturalization ceremony (2019)
Sixty immigrants from 32 different countries took the oath of citizenship Tuesday at the Kansas City Library downtown.

King County Library: Becoming a U.S. Citizen
Learn how to become a U.S. Citizen and study for the naturalization test.

Los Angeles Public Library - Community Member Testimonial by Sergio Sanchez
I have always had a dream to one day become a citizen of the United States because this country opens doors for everyone who wants to be successful and build a family.  I am so grateful to the Los Angeles Public Library for helping me and my family reach our dreams.  The library helped me—and my wife—become citizens, it helped me improve my English, and it helped my son with his education so he could go to college to become a chemical engineer.

Louisville Free Public Library (FaceBook post)
On March 1, 2019, we welcomed 99 new American citizens from 35 home countries today at the Naturalization Ceremony!

New York Public Library
Pima Library: Welcome to America 
Pima County Public Library recognizes, welcomes, and celebrates immigrants for their contributions to our shared success.   

Otis Library: Naturalization Ceremony at Otis Library on April 13, 2018
Otis Library leads in our community by hosting a Naturalization Ceremony for 19 New US Citizens from 13 different countries during National Library Week

Salt Lake City Public Library's President's Day Naturalization Ceremony
Salt Lake City welcomed 29 new citizens to the United States at the Downtown library, with remarks from President Obama and Mayor Biskupski.

San Francisco Public Libraries Citizenship Resources
Prepare for the USCIS naturalization interview with the helpful resources available in several languages at, including a guide to naturalization, detailed practice materials for the citizenship exam, and a list of local organizations that can help you with the naturalization process. Check out their SFPL multilingual citizenship videos.

Schaumburg Library Citizenship Oath Ceremony
See footage from a Citizenship Ceremony at the Schaumburg Library. Approximately 70 immigrants became new US citizens.

West Irving Library Citizenship Classes (video)
In a special class offered at the West Irving Library, some people are getting help in their quest to become U.S. citizens.

Santa Clara County Library Citizenship Resources
Prepare for U.S. citizenship with these helpful resources, including a guide to naturalization, detailed practice materials for the citizenship exam, and a list of web resources that can help you with the naturalization process.

Does your library provide information on U.S. citizenship? Are you looking for ways to improve your services to your immigrant communities?  Join a representative from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to learn about the citizenship process and what free resources are available.  The presentation will give a background on USCIS, the mission, the local field offices, IMLS Partnership, why libraries should be involved, setting up Citizenship Corners, and resources available online and in print to better assist patrons inquiring about the naturalization process.

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U.S. Citizenship Resources for Earth Day

uscitizenpod: Three quick Citizenship Questions in Honor of Earth Day

uscitizenpod: 10 Citizenship Questions in Honor of Earth Day (pdf)

More Earth Day, Arbor Day, and National Parks Weeks Resources

uscitizenpod: GO GREEN with USPS Stamps

In honor of Earth Day 2011 and in celebration of the new USPS GO GREEN Forever stamp series, US Citizenship Podcast presents a collection of stamps reflecting America's ongoing commitment to make EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY!

Family Fun
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U.S. Citizenship Lesson 75| 2023

Kulwinder Singh PASSED his interview, but there were some tense moments: the USCIS officer said there was another person with the same name and case details who had been deported!  Mr. Singh kept his cool and answered all of the officer's questions about deportation.  Most interviews go smoothly, but you still need to prepare how to answer awkward questions.  Good job, Mr. Singh!

Here are his practice interviews:

Kulwinder Singh’s 1st Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s 2nd Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s 3rd Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s 4th Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s 5th Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s 6th Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh Talks about his Citizenship Interview

USA Learns 
Learn More:
  • U.S. Citizenship Resources for the April page
  • April 18: Income Tax Day page (postponed because of Passover, Easter, and DC Emancipation Day)

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U.S. Citizenship Lesson 73 | 2023

Kazi passed his interview the next day, July 8, 2019! Watch Kazi's other interviews

Kazi's First Interview (Milpitas Adult School Open House Citizenship Interview 2)

Kazi’s Second Practice Citizenship Interview

Kazi Sabbir Ahmed's Third Practice U.S. Citizenship Interview

MST Saleha Khatun’s First Practice Citizenship Interview (Kazi's Mom) MST Saleha Khatun’s Second Practice Citizenship Interview (Kazi's Mom)

USA Learns 
Learn More:
  • U.S. Citizenship Resources for the April page
  • April 18: Income Tax Day page (postponed because of Passover, Easter, and DC Emancipation Day)

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

U.S. Citizenship Lesson 72 | 2023

Candy Tran's Citizenship interview is next week, so here is her third practice interview with civics questions and reading/writing test. Note her explanation about the difference between the name on her Legal Permanent residence Card (Green Card) and her Legal Name. Check back soon for updated Closed Captions. Watch all of Candy Tran's Citizenship Interviews: Candy Tran's First Practice Citizenship Video--UPDATED! Candy Tran's Second Practice Citizenship Interview Candy Tran’s Third Practice Citizenship Interview Candy Tran nói về cuộc phỏng vấn thi công dân Hoa Kỳ của cô Candy Tran Talks About Her U.S. Citizenship Interview

USA Learns 
Learn More:
  • U.S. Citizenship Resources for the April page
  • April 18: Income Tax Day page (postponed because of Passover, Easter, and DC Emancipation Day)

Monday, April 17, 2023

U.S. Citizenship Lesson 71 | 2023

Elvia Velázquez is back with Teacher Jennifer got a practice U.S. Citizenship plus dictation and Civics Questions. Closed Captions have been updated. Check Elvia's first interview in Spanish with fellow teacher Ana Mendoza:

La Entrevista de Ciudadanía en Español con audio mejorado!

U.S. Citizenship Interview with Elvia Velázquez (2nd interview; cc--updated!)

Both interview were recorded at #tdls sponsored by Learn more about Gonzales Adult School's Citizenship and Distance Learning Programs at

USA Learns 
Learn More:
  • U.S. Citizenship Resources for the April page
  • April 18: Income Tax Day page (postponed because of Passover, Easter, and DC Emancipation Day)

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Happy Pascha! A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of Eastern Orthodox Christian Americans

Happy Pascha! A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of Eastern Orthodox Christian Americans videomp3 | pdf

I wrote this quiz for several reasons. First, to honor Central/Eastern European-American Heritage. Second, to showcase the diversity in the American christian community. Third, to celebrate Easter.

In the past, Western Christians and the Eastern Orthodox have been divided by religion, history, and politics, but as Americans, we are united as one people, and this year, we are celebrating Easter on the same day.

This is recording is an update of a 2017 podcast featuring Branka and her husband Tony, both of whom were from the former Yugoslavia by way of Canada. Branka was a longtime colleague who at the time worked as a Projects Coordinator for OUTREACH AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE NETWORK ( and had recently became a new US citizen.  She then moved on to lead the Capital Adult Education Consortium.  In late 2021, she and her family returned to Serbia where she continues to consult on Adult Education and digital literacy matters.

Quiz answers:
  1. Colonists came to America for freedom.
  2. Freedom of religion is that you can practice any religion or not practice a religion.
  3. America bought the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803.
  4. The two parts of the US Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives
  5. Dianne Feinstein is one of the two US senators from the state of California.
  6. Joe Biden is the current President of the United States.
  7. Kamala Harris is the current Vice-President of the United States.
  8. Gavin Newsom is the current Governor of California.
  9. The two major political parties are Democratic and Republican parties.
  10. The President's Cabinet advises the President.
  11. Ro Khanna is the US Representative of San Jose/Milpitas, California.
  12. Two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy are join a civic group and join a community group.

EXTRA CREDIT: Listen to a great interview with Vlade Divac!
  • StoryCorps: Vivek and Vlade: From New Arrivals To Kings
    • Former Sacramento Kings center and current general manager Vlade Divac is interviewed by his boss, majority owner Vivek Ranadive, in this StoryCorps segment. They talk a little basketball but mostly focus on their shared experience as immigrants.
Also visit: 
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Celebrate America!


Celebrate America! pdf


Note: This year, Income Taxes are due April 18, 2023

Income Tax Day
Here are fifteen citizenship questions from the N-400 and the USCIS Civics Test about taxes and our economic system. Happy Income Tax Day!
USCIS 100:56. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax forms?*
* April 15 

Learn more:

IRS: Tax Information and Responsibilities for New Immigrants to the United States