N-400 pdfs

N-400 pdfs page http://goo.gl/2aOS5m
I am in process of updating these pdfs
according to the new section/questions of the N-400 revised 04/13/2016

Preparing for Naturalization (updated 04/18/2016)
Level-up Interviews based on the N-400r

N-400r Section Interviews

N-400r Part 12 (was Part 11) Resources (updated 06/12/2016):

N-400r Vocabulary Quizzes (with pictures)

Multiple-choice Citizenship Tests based on the N-400 and N-400r

uscitizenpod: Citizenship Interviews Playlist

Over twenty five mock Citizenship Interviews based on the N-400r

I will repost the obsolete quizzes at a later date.  If you need an obsolete quiz immediately, please contact me at uscitizenpod@gmail.com