N-400 Section Interviews

Thirty N-400 Section Practice Interviews Based on the USCIS Application for Naturalization (updated)

Download all 30 interviews in one convenient pdf!
  1. n-400r-0       Before the Interview plus mp3
  2. n-400r-00     Simple Interview (overview: one question for each section)
  3. n-400r-1       Eligibility
  4. n-400r-2       Info About You
  5. n-400r-3       Accommodations
  6. n-400r-4       Contact Info
  7. n-400r-5       Residence
  8. n-400r-6       Parents
  9. n-400r-7       Biographic Info
  10. n-400r-8       Work and School
  11. n-400r-9       Travel outside the US plus mp3
  12. n-400r-10     Marital History
  13. n-400r-11     Children
  14. n-400r-12     Additional Info Overview
  15. n-400r-12a   General Info
  16. n-400r-12b   Affiliations
  17. n-400r-12c   Acts of Violence
  18. n-400r-12d   Group Violence
  19. n-400r-12e   Work in a Prison
  20. n-400r-12f   Gangs, Weapons, Child Soldiers
  21. n-400r-12g   Criminal Records
  22. n-400r-12h   Crime
  23. n-400r-12i   Deportation
  24. n-400r-12j   Military Service
  25. n-400r-12k  Attachment to the US Constitution
  26. n-400r-13    Applicant's Signature
  27. n-400r-14    Interpreter's Signature
  28. n-400r-15    Preparer's Signature
  29. n-400r-16-17 Signature at Interview / Renunciation
  30. n-400r-18    Oath of Allegiance

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