Saturday, April 17, 2021

Weekly Conversation with President Biden


This conversation between President Biden and Caretaker Susie brings up so cares and concerns of the American people.  Through the California In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program, younger relatives receive medical training and a small wage to take care of their elders--work which normally be unpaid--thereby supporting family dignity.

Practice talking about your job with this N-400 section script:
  1. n-400r-8       Work and School
Here is a Pop Civics Quiz

100:93. Name one state that borders Mexico.
  • Texas
100. Name two national U.S. holidays.
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
USCIS 100:36. What are two Cabinet-level positions?
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Secretary of Labor
USCIS 100:16. Who makes federal laws?
  • Congress
USCIS 100:33. Who signs bills to become laws?
  • the President

Friday, April 16, 2021

Emancipation Day in Washington DC

Washington D.C. will mark Emancipation Day on Friday, April 16, commemorating an 1862 act signed by Abraham Lincoln which abolished slavery in the District, freeing over 3,000 people eight months before the Emancipation Proclamation. Learn more about Emancipation Day

USCIS 100:73. Name the U.S. war between the North and the South.
  • the Civil War
  • the War between the States

USCIS 100:73. 74. Name one problem that led to the Civil War.
  • slavery
  • economic reasons
  • states’ rights

USCIS 100:73. 75. What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did?*
  • freed the slaves (Emancipation Proclamation)
  • saved (or preserved) the Union
  • led the United States during the Civil War

USCIS 100:73. 76. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
  • freed the slaves
  • freed slaves in the Confederacy
  • freed slaves in the Confederate states
  • freed slaves in most Southern states
Learn more
  • statehood: Why Statehood for DC?
  • uscitizenpod: A Juneteenth Citizenship Quiz: 19 Civics Questions that Celebrate Freedom video | pdf
  • uscitizenpod: USCIS 100:76 Emancipation Proclamation and Juneteenth video

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Income Tax Day

Note: This year, Income Taxes are due May 17, 2021

Income Tax Day
Here are fifteen citizenship questions from the N-400 and the USCIS Civics Test about taxes and our economic system. Happy Income Tax Day!

* video:
* mp3:
* pdf:
* Kahoot

USCIS 100:56. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax forms?*
* April 15 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

N-400 Part 12 Review

uscitizenpod: N-400 Part 12 Review

It's Spring Break--no class tonight.  Here is a new video about the N-400 Part 12!

N-400 Part 12 Resources:

Monday, April 12, 2021

U.S. Citizenship Resources for Ramadan

A Citizenship Quiz for the Month of Ramadan

  • NEW: 2020 Muslim American Citizenship Interviews and more! playlist (50+ videos)
  • 2019 Citizenship Interview with Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem) and Juana Garcia  (Mexico) video
  • 2018 Citizenship Interview with Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem) and Josefina Rios (Mexico) mp3  video
  • 2018 Spring U.S. Citizenship Interview with Pari Akbari, Iran mp3 / video
  • Blessed Eid al-Adha! (video)
  • Interview with Samia Amed (Yemen) video / mp3
  • Milpitas Adult School Open House Citizenship Interview 1 (Teacher Nahil / Palestine) (video)
  • Milpitas Adult School Open House Citizenship Interview 2 (Kasim / Bangladesh) (video)
  • MST Saleha Khatun’s First Practice Citizenship Interview video
  • New US Citizen Minire Karamanaga (Bosnia/Yugoslavia) (2010) video
  • New US Citizen Sardar Habibi (Afghanistan) (English) (video)
  • New US Citizen Sardar Habibi (Afghanistan) (Farsi) (video)
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! (video)
  • Tasleem's First Practice Interview (Pakistan) video
  • Tasleem's Second Practice Interview (Pakistan) video
  • 2015 USCIS 100 Remix Round 1 Twos with Tasleem (Pakistan)  video
  • Tasleem Khaldoon talks about her Citizenship Interview (Pakistan) video

Interview Podcasts 
  • 2018 Citizenship Interview with Nahil Ireiqat (Jerusalem) and Josefina Rios (Mexico) mp3  video
  • 2018 Spring U.S. Citizenship Interview with Pari Akbari, Iran mp3 / video
  • 2016 Spring Citizenship Interview with Ali Akbari (Malyasia/Iran) (2016) mp3
  • An "Everyday" Citizenship Interview with Munni Thakkar (Mumbai, India) (2016) mp3
  • A Basic Citizenship Interview with Pari Akibari (Esfahan, Iran) (2007) (mp3)
  • Interview with Samia Amed (Yemen) video / mp3

Quizzes (pdf)
  • A Citizenship Quiz for the Month of Ramadan pdf  mp3  video
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Esam Omeish (Liberia) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Hushang Ansary (Iran) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Louay Safi pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Mohamed Awad Elhassan pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Nimco Ahmed (Libya) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Rend al-Rahim (Iraq) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Safa Aldabyani (Yemen) pdf

    VOA News (There are so many videos and articles--please search for more)

    • CLINIC: 100 Civics Questions in Farsi
    • ACLU: Immigrants' Rights: What To Do If Stopped (IN FARSI) (video)
    • ACLU: What To Do When Faced With Anti-Muslim Discrimination (in Farsi) (video)
    • CA DMV: California Driver Handbook (pdf)
    • John Q. Khosravi Law Firm (JQK Law Firm): Naturalization for Iranians (Farsi/Persian) سیتیزنشیپ وتابعیت امریکا برای ایرانیان (video)
    • MedicinePlus: Health Information in Farsi (فارسی) (web page)
    • SSA: Social Security Resources in Farsi (web page)
    • uscitizenpod: Citizenship Resources for Nowruz 2018 (blog post)
    • VOA Farsi
    For more resources, go to
    Check back for more resources!

    Saturday, April 10, 2021

    The American Jobs Plan


    uscitizenpod: N-400 Section Interviews 
    USCIS 100:35. What does the President’s Cabinet do?
    ▪ advises the President

    USCIS 100:36. What are two Cabinet-level positions?
    ▪ Secretary of Agriculture
    ▪ Secretary of Commerce
    ▪ Secretary of Defense
    ▪ Secretary of Education
    ▪ Secretary of Energy
    ▪ Secretary of Health and Human Services
    ▪ Secretary of Homeland Security
    ▪ Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    ▪ Secretary of the Interior
    ▪ Secretary of Labor
    ▪ Secretary of State
    ▪ Secretary of Transportation
    ▪ Secretary of the Treasury
    ▪ Secretary of Veterans Affairs
    ▪ Attorney General
    ▪ Vice President