Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pakistan and India Independence Day

In honor of my many students from Pakistan and India.

A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of India and Pakistan Independence Day pdf

  • Tasleem's First Practice Interview video
  • Tasleem's Second Practice Interview video
  • Tasleem Khaldoon talks about her Citizenship Interview video

  • A "Casual" Citizenship Interview with Vanita mp3
  • A Citizenship Question in Honor of Diwali audiogram
  • An "Everyday" Citizenship Interview with Munni Thakkar mp3
  • Bhasker Banjara's Constitution Week Interview at the Milpitas Library video
  • Bhavna's “Typical” Citizenship Interview Based on the USCIS N 400r video
  • Bhavna talks about her Citizenship Interview at the Milpitas Library video
  • C. S. Chokshi's Citizenship Interview at the Milpitas Library video
  • Citizenship Quiz in Honor of India and Pakistan Independence Day pdf
  • Nithya Deepak: Quick Interview Based on the N-400r plus 10qs for Independence Day pdf
  • Shiv's Practice Citizenship Interview video
  • Summer School Practice Citizenship Interview #5 with Suresh Kumar Malhan (India) video
  • Suwarna and Bhasker Banjara (India/Kenyas) talk about their Citizenship Interviews at the Milpitas Library video

Monday, August 13, 2018

Min Hui's Citizenship Interview

Min Hui's Citizenship Interview watch / listen 

In San Jose, we have really noticed the recent increased wait times to process N-400 Applications for Naturalization. Applicants who used to wait about four months are now waiting eight months or more. This weekend I received a joyful text from my long-time student, Min Hui, that she finally received her citizenship appointment letter. Here is her practice interview from June plus a round-robin civics quiz from her fellow citizenship students. After her interview, I will talk a bit more about how to check USCIS Processing times.

How to check USCIS Processing Times

1. Go to USCIS.gov

2. Click the CHECK PROCESSING TIMES link (under TOOLS)

3. Select Form: N-400; Field Office: (your field office)


5. USCIS will give you a processing date range and “Receipt date for a case inquiry" (for example the SJ office is 8-14 months and the receipt date for a case inquiry is June 20, 2017)

Note 1: You can also create an account to see your personalized case completion time on this Get Processing Time results page.

Note 2: If your receipt date is before the “Receipt date for a case inquiry", you can submit an “outside normal processing time” service request online. The link is on this Get Processing Time results page under CASE MANAGEMENT TOOLS.

Note 3: You can also use the USCIS digital assistant EMMA to guide you through this procedure.

Note 4: If you prefer to talk to a USCIS officer in person, go to the TOOLS, the APPOINTMENTS. You can make an appointment at the INFOPASS page. The officer can check your case status but cannot give legal advice.

Thanks to the students and staff of Milpitas Adult School. A special thanks goes out to Min Hui and her classmates.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Huong's Practice Interview

uscitizenpod: Huong's Practice Interview (UPDATED Closed Captions)

Huong's daughter practices with Teacher Jennifer so that Huong can prepare for her Citizenship Interview while she is taking care of her son in the hospital.

English Vocabulary for the Naturalization Test

Civics Flash Cards for the Naturalization Test

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy National Book Lovers Day

Teacher Jennifer says: I use many Citizenship books in my class.  You can purchase my book, US Citizenship Bootcamp: Exercises and Quizzes to Pass the Naturalization Interview on Amazon or ESLPublishing (Teacher samples and discounts for class sets available!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Happy International Cat Day

What are two rights in the DeCLAWration of Independence?
a) Life and liberty
b) Peace and prosperity
c) Property and profits
d) Speech and press

Monday, August 6, 2018

US Citizenship Interview with Min Zheng

uscitizenpod: US Citizenship Interview with Min Zheng

Here is a recording with Min Zheng, a doctor from China. After her interview, the students ask her the civics questions. It may be a little difficult to hear and understand some of the questions. Use this opportunity to listen for key words and practice asking, "Excuse me, can you please repeat the question?" Let's get started.

A bit more a Min Zheng. One of the most interesting things about her is that she did not go to school to learn English. She learned English solely from mobile apps and an online community on We Chat that like to practice English. As she gained more confidence, she practiced speaking English with her grandchildren especially when she helped them with their homework.

I can recommend two mobile apps to learn English:

DuoLingo--This app is free. I am using it now to study German, but you can also download DuoLingo in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, or many other languages to study English.

USALearns--This app is free or you can study at their website, USALearns.org which includes a intensive Citizenship course which includes difficult N-400 vocabulary.