U.S. Citizenship Resources for April

Tulips in front of the U.S. Capitol Building

U.S. Citizenship Resources for April: Passover, Easter, Ramadan, and more!

March 23 - April 21 Ramadan
Citizenship Resources for Ramadan page  

April 5 to April 13 Passover  page
Passover Haggadah celebrating our Immigrant Nation and a POP Quiz

April 7: Good Friday page
GOOD FRIDAY Faith-Based Immigration and Refugee Resources

April 9: Easter page
A U.S. Citizenship Quiz for Easter

April 16: Pascha page
A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of Eastern Orthodox Christian Americans

Apr 17 DC Emancipation Day post
Commemorates 1862 act signed by Lincoln which freed the slaves in the District of Columbia.

April 18: Income Tax Day page 
15 question quiz and more (postponed because of Passover, Easter, and DC Emancipation Day)

April 22: Earth Day page
Citizenship Resources for Earth Day 

April 23-29: National Library Week  page
Explore the role of Libraries in supporting the formation of new American citizens!

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