Thursday, April 6, 2023

U.S. Citizenship Lesson 64 | 2023


The Muthurajans visited Milpitas Adult School to record a practice interview for the mother.  Here are three more comments about the interview:

NOTE 1: Most examiners would ask if the applicant has any requested any ACCOMMODATIONS or EXEMPTIONS

NOTE 2: USCIS may ask further questions about financial support.  Many retirees have pensions/savings or are supported by their family. Prepare your answer.

NOTE 3: I forgot to ask a very important question about TAXES.  USCIS asks everyone about taxes.  Many retirees do not pay taxes because they don't have an income.  (However some retirees do have income from investments.  Prepare your correct response!)
  • Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r for Senior Citizens or Those Who Request Accommodations/Exemptions plus the USCIS 100qs for 65/20 Applicants (8 pgs) Script
  • Before the Interview: 7 Questions about Exemptions and Accommodations PLUS 65/20 Civics Questions video
 أسئلة التربية المدنية للمتمتعين بالإعفاء 20/65 
65/20 면제에 해당되는 공민/역사 시험 문제
Các câu Hỏi của Công Dân về Miễn Trừ 65/20
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