Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hispanic Immigrants in Rural Pennsylvania Town

VOANews: Pennsylvania Farmers Fear Labor Shortage from Immigration Crackdown (video)
Like elsewhere in America, farmers and fruit growers in the eastern state of Pennsylvania rely heavily on immigrants, mainly Hispanic, to tend the fields and harvest the crops. Many entered the U.S. illegally but have settled in rural communities across the country, raising families while working the fields and paying taxes withdrawn from their paychecks. But stepped up immigration enforcement by the Trump administration is threatening this way of life. VOA’s Bill Rodgers reports.

VOANews:  Layer of Fear Hangs Over Immigrants in Rural Pennsylvania Town
"They took my brother."  After living in tiny York Springs, PA, for the past three years, the 38-year old woman is planning to return to Mexico with her three children.  She’s not alone. Lately, the streets of the York Springs have been emptier and “for rent” signs have popped up in front of some buildings. A new layer of fear hangs over the rural Pennsylvania town and its large Hispanic population in the wake of recent sweeps by ICE agents. (Read more)

VOANews: Despite Vow to End Catch and Release, Trump Still Freeing Thousands of Migrants
Immigration attorneys, gov't statistics and US officials suggest there is no clear change to the catch-and-release policy

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