Saturday, June 17, 2017

US Rep Ro Khanna CA-17 June Town Hall in Milpitas, CA

Teacher Jennifer says: I was thrilled to attend my first congressional hall meeting with our US Representative Ro Khanna. I not only impressed by compassion and erudition of Congressman Khanna, I was so proud of our community who spoke and listened to each other with RESPECT. Here is my tweets from the meeting.  If you have the opportunity, please attend a Congressional Town Hall.  AWESOME!

@RepRoKhanna greets his #CA17 constituents at a June town hall, MilpitasHigh
11:05 Got here super early for the Town Hall with US at

11:23  co-sponsored HR1303 to prevent the exploitation of foreign workers & recognizes the contributions make to the US
11:30 : HR1303 would overhaul the and prgrms to protect US & crack down on of US jobs abroad.
12:17  mayor Richard Tran at town hall
12:18 opens town hall opens with call of solidarity re:

12:21  first question is about Rent Control and protection

12:23  town hall 2nd question about including carbon-offsets in his tax proposal. RK supports efforts concerning

12:27  3rdq abt cuts to . RK says we must invest in people for a just

12:30  4thq abt cuts to research. We need 2 billion dollars to look for a cure to a disease

12:33  5th q abt cuts to the Community Policing Grants. We must fully fund

1238  6th q "Who do you consider to be rich?" RK's response: the people who are struggling to make end's meet need the tax breaks
12:39 We need to talk together; not. AT each other!
12:44 7th Q: THE STENCH from the landfill. SJ Milpitas Fremont Berryessa need to come to a common understanding about Newby Island.
12:51 8th q illnesses caused envrnmnt not covered by insurance Concern about baIt-and-switch WE MUST TALK BACK TO CONGRESS
12:53 9th Q about "adopting" GOP districts. Would RK come and speak to District 21? RK will talk about that off line.
12:56 11th Q High School Student asks about funding and We. Must fully fund which made the US great!

12:58  13th Q abt working with foreign leaders abt . needs to be the model of and

1:01  no single state is more important than the . We must not 's vision
1:03 15th Q RK supports CA SB 562 will unite the country.
1:06  16th Q about back room deals--how to get more info about ? has impowered us to be informed and act!
1:11 17th Q about . Company must pay good median wages and must have more than 50% non-H1B workers.
1:18  18thQ abt rise of Can't be just a legislation fix. We all must step up to counter HATE. We have to show up & ENGAGE
1:22  19th Q Cuts to and We need to make our case from the local level up. Invest in families
1:25  20th Q Concerns about chaos of Trump administration. No one is above the We are a nation of laws, not individuals!
1:27 support Mueller Investigation. We believe in American institutions and will follow the process.

1:30  21st Q CA supports initiative that gives pledges electoral votes to the popular vote winner
1:31 we can't live with 51% support--we need to find a common ground and common vision.
133  22nd Q Do capital gains support job loss? RK says new jobs must serve people.
1:36  23rd Q Stealth Trumpcare Bill OMG!!!! CA caucus must cut through the smoke screen to focus on Trumpcare.
1:38  24th Q about guns. Gun Shops need to be brought into the cnvrsatn about who should have access to guns. We must strengthen laws
1:40  25th Q about protecting wildlife from illegal hunting and abuse. are sentient beings that must be protected
1:45  The of district 17 WE ARE THE FUTURE OF

@RepRoKhanna with his #CA17 constituents 

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