Monday, March 30, 2009

Work of National Importance: Red River Flood 2009

The Minn-Kota chapter is preparing for the floods by stockpiling supplies

If the law requires it,
are you willing to perform work
of national importance
under civilian direction?
(N-400 Part 10:H:29).

Red River Flood Forces Tough Decisions, NYTimes
Volunteers were racing to raise dikes protecting Fargo, N.D., still higher, hoping to hold back the Red River, which is expected to reach record levels by Saturday. Video. Slide Show 1. Slide Show 2.

Fargo/Moorhead a destination point for new immigrants by Bob Reha, Minnesota Public Radio, July 2, 2006
Fargo, North Dakota has a long history of accepting people driven out of their homeland by war. Twenty years ago, the city saw an influx of refugees from Vietnam. In the years since the nationalities have changed but the influx of new Americans and the communities acceptance of them, has not. Listen in RealPlayer: fargoimmigrants

Immigrant Development Center (serving the Fargo/Moorhead area)
Our Mission: to build the capacity of immigrants to develop economic and business skills.

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