Thursday, March 12, 2009

School Board Meeting: Part 1

Citizenship class "stationary" , USCIS 100:55, Practice form letter

Two nights ago, the Citizenship class attended the MUSD Board meeting .
  • The Citizenship, Senior ESL, ESL 4, ESL 5 wrote letters about the importance of Adult Education
  • and presented their letters to the MUSD School Board.
  1. The students reviewed the "Rights & Responsibilities" section of their current text book.
  2. The students reviewed a double-sided handout: a double-sided xerox. Side 1: Reviewed graphic representation of the USCIS 100:55 #6; Side 2 form letter was addressed to the School Board.
  3. Citizenship students copied their form letter on to "Citizenship "class stationary"; SeniorESL students glued their individual pictures to the top of a blank piece on paper on which they had copied their letter. Students were encourage to write about why Adult School was important to them.
  4. When a husband and wife apply for citizenship, they fill-out two separate N-400, and put their N-400s into one envelope. All of the Citizenship letters were put into a one Milpitas Adult School folder, along with a N-400, a copyof the USCIS 100 questions, and the School Course catalog opened to the Citizenship page.
After Li Jiayan talked about studying ESL and Citizenship at Milpitas Adult School, she handed the letters on behalf of all the students. More tomorrow! is hosting a new series: ESL Lessons for Women's History Month. Today's Heras: Arab Women in the Gulf.

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