Sunday, March 15, 2009

School Board Meeting: Part 3

MAE Citizenship Students attended the MUSD School Board meeting
with their schoolmates from the GED, ESL, VESL, and Medical Assistants programs.

On Tuesday 7pm, students and teachers from the Milpitas Adult School programs (ESL, Citizenship, GED, VESL, Medical Assistants) filled the Board Room. We had expected public commentary (a person can talk to the Board members for 2 minutes) followed by School Board business, with a proclamation about Adult Education Week towards the top of the agenda.

Agendas change. First item: a presentation of a donation by a local church group to the high school special education program. For the next hour, the Adult School listened to reports from individual Board Members followed by financial summaries.

It is difficult for a native speaker of English, "Finance-ish", and/or "Education-ese" to listen attentively to School Board-talk. It is easy to get bored and it is important to stay awake. I quietly circulated a folder with a US History Word Search & USCIS 100 Questions Quiz among my thirty-five students (next year--School Board Meeting Word Search & Listening Activity!).

The Adult School Week was read and passed by the School Board, and the Board members moved on to more budget items. Around 8:15, the Adult Students were invited to address their concerns to the School Board. is hosting a new series: ESL Lessons for Women's History Month. Today's Heras: reformist Iranian women.

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