Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The DeVries Seniors: VTA Bus Service Part 1

During the past week, US Citizen Podcast has featured posts that respond to the question:

USCIS 100:55. What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy?

The Citizenship Students, together with their fellow schoolmates at Milpitas Adult School, attended a school district board meeting. In honor of Adult Education Week and impending budget cuts, the students gave their elected officials their opinion on the issue of the importance of Milpitas Adult School.

Another local example of publicly supporting or opposing an issue or policy is the DeVries Senior ESL class attending a Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Community meeting about the bus service in Milpitas.

First, the Seniors completed transportation surveys. Second, they made two 5-minute videos in which they made further suggestions for improved service. And third, they attended the VTA Community as a group, presented the surveys and their DVD to the VTA Sommunity Relations Offficer, and talked one-on-one with the VTA staff.

In the first of two videos, the DeVries Seniors offer two suggestions for the improvement of the VTA bus service in Milpitas:

1) Add a public restroom to the Great Mall Transit Center.

2) Improve connections between 66, 70, and AC 217.

The DeVries ESL is sponsored by Milpitas Adult Education, and hosted at DeVries Senior Housing. is hosting a new series: ESL Lessons for Women's History Month. Today's Heras: The National Women's Hall of Fame.

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