Saturday, May 15, 2021

TPS and DED for Venezuela

If you are a Venezuelan national, or someone without nationality who last resided in Venezuela, and you are already in the United States, you might be eligible to apply for Temporary Protected Status, known as TPS, under Venezuela’s designation, or you may be covered by Deferred Enforced Departure, known as DED, for Venezuelans.

Learn more:
  • USCIS: Temporary Protected Status webpage
  • USCIS: Estatus de Protección Temporal webpage
  • USCIS: DHS Secretary Designates Venezuela for TPS; Implements DED for Venezuela post
  • USCIS: Secretario de DHS Designa a Venezuela al TPS; Implementa DED para Venezuela post
N-400 and Civics 
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz: Héctor Sánchez (Maracay, Venezuela) pdf

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