Saturday, January 13, 2018

The USCIS N-400 and Fee Waivers

The USCIS N-400 and Fee Waivers

Recently I have received several questions about the new N-400 Online application and fee waivers.

Question: Can I apply for citizenship online (N-400) with fee waiver (I-912) or fee reduction (I-942)?

Answer: At this time, you cannot apply for citizenship online if you are using with fee waiver (I-912) or fee reduction (I-942) form.

If you want to apply for citizenship (N-400) with fee waiver (I-912) or fee reduction (I-942) form, you must download these forms from and mail these forms together to USCIS.
USCIS has advice about how to find low-cost legal services. Check the show notes for links for the forms and legal services.

However, the question about fee waivers reminded me about an interview that I did last year with Citizenship Teacher, Kathy Martin from Beaumont Adult School. She gave a very clear explanation about the difference between fee waivers and fee reduction. In honor of the resolution: NEW YEAR, NEW CITIZEN, I would like to play a short clip from that interview.

USCIS N-400 Application for Naturalization

USCIS I-912 Fee Waiver

USCIS I-942 Fee Reduction

USCIS Find Legal Services

USCIS Online Account


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Also go to our YouTube channel and watch our screencast series about using the new N-400 online application. I will be posting a series shorter screencasts about the N-400 online application soon.

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