Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Immigration Promise Breaks Congressional Deadlock, Reopens Government

VOANews: Disappointed DACA Recipients Continue to Push Congress for Protections

The U.S. government is open again, but the fate of about 800,000 young undocumented immigrants at the center of the three-day shutdown remains uncertain. A number of lawmakers had promised to protect them after President Trump ended DACA in September, an Obama administration policy that allowed them to live and study or work in the country legally. Esha Sarai reports that DACA recipients, who some call "Dreamers," are bitterly disappointed.
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VOANews: Immigration Promise Breaks Congressional Deadlock, Reopens Government

A partial U.S. government shutdown ended Monday with Senate Democrats providing enough votes to restart federal funding for the next few weeks in return for a promise by the Republican leadership to bring an immigration bill up for a vote by February 8. VOA House correspondent Katherine Gypson looks at how the brief shutdown sets up an even tougher fight ahead on Capitol Hill.   Originally published at -

NYTimes: Could the Government Shutdown Reshape DACA?

Senator Mitch McConnell promised to bring a vote on immigration reform to the floor by Feb. 8. Democrats are selling that pledge as a win. But is it?

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