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January Town Hall with US Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)

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January Town Hall with US Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17)
Jan 14, 2018 2:00 to 3:30 PM · Milpitas High School, Milpitas, CA
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Teacher Jennifer says: Here are my annotated tweets from today's town hall meeting with our US Rep Ro Khanna (CA-17).  If you have the opportunity, please attend a Congressional Town Hall.  AWESOME!

opens with comments about : there is a reason why is so strong and innovative

Are we willing to the government over ? YES!

Tax Break? Who benefits? The investor class, NOT the working class. Trickle down doesn't work. Raise wages!

Q1: Pls comment work limitations. A1 says we must reform and H4visa and allows spouses to work

Q2: Green Card backlog bill; A2 says he supports the bill

Q3 share resources with school districts with less; A3 we must invest in ed. We have money--we must make the priority

Q4 Thx supporting legal rights for Palestinian minors. Q4 says this is an issue of . Protect youth, stop

Q5 what happens when you go against party leadership; A5 gives ex of voting against #FISA  I my conscience

Q6 arctic methane release leading to A6 says he supports and invites qr to see him/staff to learn more

Q7 do we have a legitimate government / representation? A7 heartened by independent actions such as the judge who cont'd

Q8 father separated from child; Q8 staff will check if we can give asst about this matter

Q9 denounce A9 will introduce bill "Democracy Dollars" to counteract PAC money

Q10 status of ; A10 we just got new sniffers so we can get the correct agency for code enforcement

Q11 thx for support for and ; A11 invest funding in and solve and reform

Q12 tech training; Q12 for all: and for the "forgotten America"

Q12 tax credits; A12 link tax credits to local economic incentives to grow the economy

Q13 charitable deductions to offset taxes? A13 we need to pay more taxes to create opportunity, not to reward investors

Q14 Iran nuclear deal; A14 supports and with and the

Q15 concern about expiration; Q15 absolutely believes that every child must have .

for all!

Q16 is there a strategic effort NOT to ; GOP is willing to legislate, but there are problems (Leadership? Factions?)

Q17 concern about A17 will follow up with further research and possible legislation

The same party that elected Trump, elected the most diverse

More than 90% of the attendees at the town hall stood up to show that they're directly impacted by

Great town hall. Thank you and your staff for your service. Your grandfather (friend of ) would be proud. Happy

Also see my annotated notes from previous Ro Khanna Town Meetings

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