Tuesday, August 11, 2009

N-400 Section 1 Interview

Teacher Hongyan and Wen Guang-Lin

I am currently working on a series of podcasts focusing on each section of the N-400. Each podcast has an introduction, keywords, an N-400 interview, dictation, and conclusion.

Because several of my students will have their Citizenship Inteview this month, I am posting the audio and worksheet of the interview section only during the upcoming week.


N-400 Section 1 Interview: Name mp3


N-400 Section 1 Interview: Name pdf

  1. What is your full name?

  2. What is your last name? Spell it.

  3. What is your first name?

  4. Do you have a middle name?

  5. Do you have a maiden name?

  6. Is the name on your Green Card the same as your current legal name?

  7. Do you use any other names?

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