Saturday, November 22, 2008 Update

My students constantly ask me for more listening exercises. In my opnions, is one of most valuable ESL sites on the internet.

You can download the mp3s or subscribe to ESLPod's podcasts for free. Here are some recent examples of ESLPod's features:

ESLPod's Blog: Secret Service Handles
The president of the United States has his own special security protection, special police officers who are responsible primarily for protecting the president and the vice president from any danger.

ESLPod's Podcast: ESL Podcast 427 – Planning a Protest
Planning a political protest can be a lot of work. Learn more about it in this episode. Download Podcast

ESLPod's "Variety Show" English Café 164
Topics: Naming Rights; Famous Americans: Cesar Chavez; Why Americans have middle names; future perfect tense; American versus U.S. as an adjective. Download Podcast

ESLPod's Premium Course: Interview Questions Answered This course is for anyone who wants to learn business English and how to communicate better with American business people. Course Price: $24.99. Listen to a free audio sample

Since Thanksgiving is next week, let me suggest one of their most popular podcast:

ESLPodcast 91 - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful, but for a lot of people, the holiday also means a weekend of eating a lot and watching football...Download Podcast

**Check out USCitizenPod's 06/29/08 post which links ESLPod shows with the different sections of the N-400.

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