Monday, February 8, 2021

What Did Democracy Mean to the US Constitution’s Writers?

VOA Learning English: What Did Democracy Mean to the US Constitution’s Writers? 

A Committee of Five, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston, worked together to write the U.S. Declaration of Independence. They are among the leaders known as America’s Founding Fathers. (read more) (mp3)

Words in This Story

consent –n. permission for something to happen or to be done

sort (of) —n. a certain kind of something

framers –n.(pl.) often used to describe the writers of U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution; literally people who build the structure, frame, of a house

frenzy – n. wild or uncontrolled activity

ratification –n. the process of making a major legal document official by signing or voting on it so it becomes law

beholden –adj. owing to a favor, gift or loyalty to someone or something

delighted –adj. pleased, happy with something

adversaries –n. (pl.) an enemy or opponent

reactionaries –n. a person who strongly opposes new political or social ideas

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