Monday, November 9, 2020

Timeline: What happens next?

VOANews: US Election Map 2020

This a brief timeline about the events leading up to Inauguration Day.  Please note that other important activities have not been included such as run-off elections, the selection of a transition team (which may include future Cabinet Secretaries), and the delivery of the 2020 Census (which will determine congressional representation PLUS the next Electoral College map).  For more details, pleas see CNN: Electoral College: What Happens Next? and VOA Learning English: U.S. Elections.

November 3 – Election Day Voters voted, votes were counted.

November 4 – November 23: Votes are counted. 

December 23: Electoral votes must arrive in Washington.

January 3: New 117th Congress is sworn in.

January 6: Electoral votes counted. 

January 20: Inauguration Day.

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