Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Citizenship Resources for Veterans Day

Updated 11/11/2021

A Citizenship Question in Honor of Veterans Day

This quiz is based on :
  •  A 21-Question “Salute” for Veterans Day Quiz based on the USCIS 100qs (PDF) pdf  |  mp3

More Veterans Day Resources from uscitizenpod:
  • Veterans Day for Beginning Level ESL/Citizenship Students video
  • U.S. Citizenship 12: Veterans Day activity
  • Veterans Day Quiz 2014 pdf
  • Veterans Day 2014 pptx google slides
  • A Veterans Day Kahoot! link
  • Veterans Day Salute 2012 video
  • Thank You Women Vets! 2012 video
  • N-400r-12j  Military Service pdf
  • Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r for Current and Former Armed Forces Members (8 pgs) pdf
  • Anh Thi Vu Interview's for Presidents' Day 2016
    Twenty-seven questions based on the N-400r plus ten USCIS Questions in Honor of President's Day. Note Anh's military service in the ROTC and Army Reserves. mp3 (2016) and pdf (2015)

More Resources

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