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Citizenship Resources in Honor of Nowruz

Practice Citizenship Interviews with Farsi-Speaking Americans

uscitizenpod: Citizenship Interview Quiz for Presidents’ Week 2017: Hushang Ansary (Iran) (pdf)
A citizenship multiple-choice quiz based on the N-400 Application for Naturalization plus 10 civics questions.

uscitizenpod: 2016 Spring Citizenship Interview with Ali Akbari (Iran/Malaysia) (mp3)
A practice citizenship interview recorded in honor of Persian New Year (2016)

uscitizenpod: A Basic Citizenship Interview with Pari Akibari (Esfahan, Iran) (mp3) (video)
A practice citizenship interview recorded in 2007. Note: N-400 Part 10 is now N-400 Part 12 and the Civics questions are obsolete (ex: George W Bush was the current president in 2007).

uscitizenpod: Citizenship Interview with Osman Nejat (Kabul, Afghanistan) (mp3) (video)
A short citizenship interview with "examiner" with Osman Nejat (Kabul, Afghanistan), the Citizenship and GED/HiSET teacher from New Haven Adult School.  After the interview, Teacher Osman reflects on being bi-lingual and bi-cultural in America.

uscitizenpod: New US Citizen Sardar Habibi's report-back in Farsi  video
Milpitas Adult School student, Sardar Habibi (formerly of Afghanistan) talks about his US Citizenship Interview on Thursday, March 7, 2011. (Also in English)

More ESL/Civics Resources in English and Farsi

ACLU: Immigrants' Rights: What To Do If Stopped (IN FARSI) (video)

ACLU: What To Do When Faced With Anti-Muslim Discrimination (in Farsi) (video)

CA DMV: California Driver Handbook (pdf)

CLINIC: 100 Civics Questions in Farsi (pdf)

ESL Library: Nauruz (Norooz) Festival (article)
In this lesson, students read about the Persian New Year's festival (New Day). They learn about the ceremonial table, and create their own in small groups. Students also learn idioms related to nature. Note: A number of different English spellings are used for this holiday. The UN recognizes March 21 as the International Day of Nowruz

John Q. Khosravi Law Firm (JQK Law Firm): Naturalization for Iranians (Farsi/Persian) سیتیزنشیپ وتابعیت امریکا برای ایرانیان (video)
More Citizenship and Immigration videos in English and Farsi at John Q. Khosravi Law Firm (JQK Law Firm) (YouTube channel)

K-vonComedy: Famous Comedian Explains PERSIAN NEW YEAR Perfectly (K-von on Nowruz) (video)
Want to learn about a new holiday? Persian New Year is in March.  K-von breaks it down in this video w/ fun animation.  Check out K-von on YouTube (especially his Cleaning for Nowruz videos and his trailer for the Nowruz movie) and his TEDx Talk.

LastLY: Nowruz 2021: Date, Significance, Celebrations Associated With The Persian New Year Or Navroze video
Nowruz, also called Navriz, Navroz, Novruz, Nooruz, Nevruz & Nauryz, is a Persian word where 'Now' means 'new' and 'Ruz' means ‘day’. Hence, Nowruz signifies a new day. Nowruz is the Iranian New Year celebrated by the ethnic Iranian people. In India, the Parsi community celebrate Nowruz with full fervour. This year, it falls on Saturday, March 20. Nowruz holds great significance in the Iranian community. It is marked as the day King Jamshid was crowned as the King of Persia. People purchase new clothes and visit family and friends on this day. Nowruz is usually celebrated in the evening by performing certain rituals such as jumping over bonfires and lighting firecrackers. The celebrations also include family coming around the Haft sin table awaiting the moment of March equinox. Haft seen, also called Haft-seen (Persian For “Seven S’s”), is an arrangement of seven foods whose name start with 's' in Persian.

MedicinePlus: Health Information in Farsi (فارسی) (web page)

Must See Iran 
FB page that introduces Iran's cultural, historical, and natural tourist attractions.  Many good Nowruz videos in English and Farsi.

PARS Equality Center
Pprovides free or low-cost legal immigration services to qualified individuals.  We provide community members with integration support by offering immigration education, representation and advocacy.

Quartz: Nowruz: How millions celebrate the Persian New Year (video)
During Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebration, each vibrant item on the haftseen table has its own symbolic meaning.

SSA: Social Security Resources in Farsi (web page)

Sahar Zand: What is Nowruz? How to celebrate Persian New Year
BBC Persian's Sahar Zand visited Little Persia in London to explain how her family celebrate the Persian New Year.

Share America: Online Nowruz connects Americans to the world
In the U.S., museums and cultural centers host Nowruz festivities. This year, because of the pandemic, they will reach out through the internet.

TEDx Talks: Iran from a Different Lens | Maryam Ghadiri | TEDxPurdueU (video)
When only one side of a story is told, the truth can be blurred or completely disjointed. When Maryam arrived in the U.S. she encountered stereotypes and predisposed opinions causing her to hide her own identity as Iranian. She now describes how she rekindled the pride she once had for her motherland, Iran, through curating a photo exhibit that celebrates Iran's rich culture, diversity and beauty.

USIP: Iran Primer: Nowruz: Traditions for Persian New Year (article)
Ironically, the most widely celebrated holiday in the Islamic Republic of Iran long predates the official religion. Nowruz, literally “New Day” in Farsi, marks the first day of spring and the Persian New Year. The holiday, which falls on March 20 this year, is widely celebrated across the Middle East and Central Asia.

VA Health: Public Health Info in Farsi (webpage)

VOANews: New in Farsi (web page)
News in Farsi from the Voice of America

VOANews: Iranian-Americans Nurture New Generations After Revolution (2019) (article)
Sharifan and others from her generation seek to build a connection to their Iranian heritage and culture among their American children and grandchildren.

VOANews: Iranians Prepare For Traditional New Year Celebrations (video)
Iranians around the world are preparing to celebrate their traditional new year, Nowruz, which falls on Thursday. The ancient tradition is also celebrated by Kurds and marks the arrival of spring. Zlatica Hoke reports.

VOANews: Iraq Norwuz (video)
It's time for celebration in Iraq. Men and women rang in a new year, as millions of Kurdish people celebrated Nowruz. The celebration falls on the first day of spring, symbolizing the passing of the dark season and the arrival of the season of light. 

VOANews: Kurds Celebrate 'Nawroz' - New Years (video)
Kurdish residents of the northern Syrian city of Kobani are marking the New Year festival Nawroz. Celebrations were held along the border with Turkey, where many of Kobani's citizens fled when the city came under attack by Islamic State militants. Video by VOA Kurdish service reporter Mahmoud Bali.

Northern California's 'Little Kabul' a Cultural Hub to One of America's Largest Afghan Communities video
Alameda County in California, known as a retreat for hippies four decades ago, has become home to one of the largest Afghan American communities in America.  VOA's Saba Shah Khan takes us to one area known as "Little Kabul," now a cultural hub for the Bay Area's rapidly growing Afghan American population.

VOA Learning English: Once a US Soldier, Iranian Immigrant Now Serves Veterans (article, mp3, video)
Assal Ravandi knows service. First, as a soldier in the United States Army in Afghanistan. Now, as a soldier for soldiers at the organization she founded: Academy of United States Veterans. Read, listen to, and watch more great stories from VOA Learning English series: People in America

VOA Learning English: Mahsa, English Teacher in Iran, Talks About Spending Nowruz With Family (video of Skype interview)
Avi Arditti from VOA Learning English and Mehrnaz Sami from VOA's Persian Service (and an English teacher) talk to a Skype caller about the Persian New Year (2013)

VOA Learning Engish: Mohsen, Engineering Student in Iran, Talks About Nowruz (video of Skype interview)
Avi Arditti from VOA Learning English and Mehrnaz Sami from VOA's Persian Service (and an English teacher) talk to a Skype caller about the Persian New Year

VOA Learning English: Vernal Equinox: The Arrival of Spring (article)
An overview of many holidays associated with the Vernal Equinox (the Arrival of Spring) including Nowruz.

Vox: Persian New Year, or Nowruz, explained for non-Persians (article) Statement from President Biden Marking Nowruz 2021 (statement) (video)

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