Saturday, July 22, 2017

The American Indian in Postage Stamps

Teacher Jennifer says: As you look at the stamps in online exhibit below, find the American Indian Leader's name and tribe.  Check if the tribe is listed as an answer to USCIS 100:87

Smithsonian Postal Museum: The American Indian in Postage Stamps: Profiles in Leadership, Accomplishment and Cultural Celebration (virtual exhibit)

Historic American Indian leaders honored here on postage stamps, exemplify a wide range of reaction to the radical confrontations that would drastically affect the traditions and culture of their peoples. Some chose resistance and war; others chose a path of adaptation and accommodation to a new way of life. In all cases, these leaders of nations were elder representatives of huge extended families, and their commitment to future generations was paramount.

USCIS 100:59. Who lived in America before the Europeans arrived?

▪ American Indians
▪ Native Americans

USCIS 100:87. Name one American Indian tribe in the United States.

[USCIS Officers will be supplied with a list of federally recognized American Indian tribes.]
▪ Cherokee
▪ Navajo
▪ Sioux
▪ Chippewa
▪ Choctaw
▪ Pueblo
▪ Apache
▪ Iroquois
▪ Creek
▪ Blackfeet
▪ Seminole
▪ Cheyenne
▪ Arawak
▪ Shawnee
▪ Mohegan
▪ Huron
▪ Oneida
▪ Lakota
▪ Crow
▪ Teton
▪ Hopi
▪ Inuit

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