Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Citizenship Interview 1

Summer Citizenship Interview 1

I started US Citizenship Podcast in 2007 because many of my students were unable attend class regularly because of family responsibilities.  In summer, the reverse is true: many schools are closed and citizenship  programs are hiatus.  so I want to start off this episode with one of the very best ways about how to prepare for your Citizenship Interview:

HINT: Notice things around you that are ANSWERS on the Citizenship Test--then try to remember the QUESTIONS.

This could be as easy as opening your wallet: take out your driver's license and see how many N-400 questions you can answer simply from the info on your driver's  license.  You may have credit cards that get you points for airline tickets for your next trip, photos of your family, a paycheck stub, and a parking ticket.

Money, especially coins, is not only useful to review the presidents but geography as well.

Today's pdf of the geography quiz takes the HINT a bit further: street signs, store and restaurant signs, a kid wearing a sports jersey, a car with the out-of-state license plate may be the ANSWER to a Civics Question.  Repeat the answer to yourself, then try to remember to the civics question.  Every time you connect the N-400 and the civics questions to your daily life, you are that much closer to your goal of US citizenship.

As Eliza Schuyler sings to Hamilton: "Look around, look around at how lucky we are!"

Beginning Inteview pdf

USCIS 100:88-95: Geography Quiz

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