Thursday, July 13, 2017

CLINIC: The Story of US

CLINIC: The Story of US: Preview Clip

“The Story of Us” features Aden Batar, a Muslim from Somalia who became an American citizen after being granted asylum in the United States. Now, he works as the Immigration and Refugee Resettlement Director at Catholic Community Services of Utah in Salt Lake City. The show also highlighted the work of Holy Cross Ministries, particularly their services to victims of domestic abuse. In what may seem like an unlikely place for “outsiders” to make a home, Salt Lake City residents are creating a community where everybody is welcome.

It may be broadcast at any time. You can find a list of currently scheduled air dates for episodes in The Visionaries series here. “The Story of US” is part of Season 21.
The producers of the documentary, Visionaries, are also working with us to develop means for local organizations and Catholic media outlets to use the show for advocacy and promotional efforts. Please consider contacting your local affiliate and encouraging them to air this uplifting look at the work done with refugees and victims of human trafficking. Find contact information for your local PBS affiliate here:
If you need further information or wish to preview the episode, please fill out the form on this page.

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