Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Milpitas Adult School's Citizenship Class 2017 Number 38

No, not Learning Chocolate, we will be taking CASAS.org Assessments
Tonight, Citizenship students will take a CASAS test so that they can return to class August 22.

Thursday, June 1st our last class.  Come to class on that day to get your Registration Form for August 21!

There is no summer school, however Milpitas Library will have Citizenship Classes start Wed June 12.

Today we give 2 (or possibly 3) CASAS tests to our current Citizenship Students

  • The Citizenship Interview Test (CIT) is a one-on-one oral assessment that simulates the citizenship applicant's English-language interview with a USCIS examiner (This test will be given to students who have been in class for several months).
  • The Government and History for Citizenship tests reveal how much students know about American government and history. (All citizenship students will take this test)

Life and Work Reading Sample Test  (All citizenship students will take this test)

Use these sample test items to:
  • familiarize students with CASAS items
  • help reduce student test-taking anxiety
These items are samples to familiarize students with CASAS test formats. Since they are not actual tests, they are not predictors of student performance, and are not valid for level placement, assessment, or for reporting standardized scores.
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You must take a CASAS rest after May 15 so that you can return to class August 22.

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