Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Citizenship Resources for Ramadan

Citizenship Resources for the Month of Ramadan

A Citizenship Quiz for the Month of Ramadan

Interview Podcasts 
  • 2016 Spring Citizenship Interview with Ali Akbari (Malyasia/Iran) (2016) mp3
  • An "Everyday" Citizenship Interview with Munni Thakkar (Mumbai, India) (2016) mp3
  • A Basic Citizenship Interview with Pari Akibari (Esfahan, Iran) (2007) (mp3)

Quizzes (pdf)
  • A Citizenship Quiz for the Month of Ramadan pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Esam Omeish (Liberia) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Hushang Ansary (Iran) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Louay Safi pdf
  •  Citizenship Interview Quiz for Mohamed Awad Elhassan pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Nimco Ahmed (Libya) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Rend al-Rahim (Iraq) pdf
  • Citizenship Interview Quiz for Safa Aldabyani (Yemen) pdf
  • New US Citizen Minire Karamanaga (Bosnia/Yugoslavia) (2010) video
  • New US Citizen Sardar Habibi (Afghanistan) (English) (video)
  • New US Citizen Sardar Habibi (Afghanistan) (Farsi) (video)
  • Tasleem's First Practice Interview (Pakistan) video
  • Tasleem's Second Practice Interview (Pakistan) video
  • 2015 USCIS 100 Remix Round 1 Twos with Tasleem (Pakistan)  video
  • Tasleem Khaldoon talks about her Citizenship Interview (Pakistan) video

  • CLINIC: 100 Civics Questions in Farsi
  • ACLU: Immigrants' Rights: What To Do If Stopped (IN FARSI) (video)
  • ACLU: What To Do When Faced With Anti-Muslim Discrimination (in Farsi) (video)
  • CA DMV: California Driver Handbook (pdf)
  • John Q. Khosravi Law Firm (JQK Law Firm): Naturalization for Iranians (Farsi/Persian) سیتیزنشیپ وتابعیت امریکا برای ایرانیان (video)
  • MedicinePlus: Health Information in Farsi (فارسی) (web page)
  • SSA: Social Security Resources in Farsi (web page)
  • VOA Farsi
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