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May 2017 Citizenship News

What's up?  I am furiously correcting the proof for the paperback edition of US Citizenship Bootcamp, so here are 3 4 quick news items PLUS our recent podcasts
1. USCIS Redesigns Legal Permanent Resident Card and Employment Authorization Documents.

2. Scam Alerts from

3. US Citizenship Bootcamp paperback edition available from

4. NEW: USCIS Scam Alert LISTEN / CLAMMR / post


USCIS Will begin issuing Redesigned Green Cards and Employment Authorization Documents on May 1, 2017.
The new Green Cards and EADs will:
  • Display the individual’s photos on both sides;
  • Green Cards will have an image of the Statue of Liberty and a predominately green palette;
  • EAD cards will have an image of a bald eagle and a predominately red palette;
  • Have embedded holographic images;
    No longer display the individual’s signature.
    Also, Green Cards will no longer have an optical stripe on the back.
How To Tell If Your Card Is Valid
Some Green Cards andEADs issued after May 1, 2017, may still display the existing design format as USCIS will continue using existing card stock until current supplies are depleted.

2 Scam Alerts Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission
I am sure you have heave heard reports about malware or ransomware that lock down data on personal computers. this is a big problem. to be safe, make a back-up of important data files and be sure that your computer virus software is up-to-date.
Alert 1: Pass it on: tech support scams
The FTC is tracking increase reports about tech support scammers: the people who act like there’s a problem with your computer and then try to convince you to fork over money to fix – ahem – “fix” it. Except there never was a problem, and they weren’t really from tech support.
Watch the FTC Tech Scam video
Alert 2: Imposters selling English course are shut down
Scammers said that they were representing stores like Walmart and the the customer had won the prize of a free English course, then demanded that the "winners" pay the scammer money.
To help you avoid scams like this one, here are a few tips:
  • Be skeptical about a “free” prize. If you have to pay, it’s not free.
  • Don’t give money to someone who tells you over the phone that you’ll be arrested if you don’t pay them.Scammers may pressure you with threats of arrest or lawsuits. Resist the pressure and hang up.
  • Wiring money is like paying with cash. It’s nearly impossible to trace it or get your money back. The same goes for prepaid cards. If anyone asks you to pay with a wire transfer or prepaid card, that’s a clear sign of a scam.
  • Talk to someone. Before you give up your money or personal information, talk to someone you trust. And stay up-to-date on the latest scams with free scam alerts:

Paperback edition of US citizenship Bootcamp available Late May 2017
US Citizenship Bootcamp helps citizens-to-be prepare for the Naturalization interview by completing a series of 10 interviews based on the USCIS N-400 Application for Naturalization (released 03/26/16) and 100 Civics Questions. The first interview pairs 5 basic questions in simple English from the N-400, with 5 USCIS Civics questions. The subsequent interviews expand on these N-400 and Civics questions by gradually introducing new vocabulary and grammar patterns.
In addition to the 10 Citizenship interviews, US Citizenship Bootcamp includes a list of 50 sentences based on the USCIS Reading and Writing Vocabulary, 10 multiple-choice Civics quizzes, and 2 N-400 vocabulary glossaries, PLUS a ESL/Citizenship resource list and a special chapter entitled “How to Study for Your Citizenship Interview.”  Additional material includes vocabulary quizzes with pictures and definitions.


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