Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's work together to keep America strong!

USCIS 96:92 91. Name one benefit of being a citizen of the United States.

To obtain Federal government jobs, to travel with a U.S. passport, or to petition for close relatives to come to the United States to live.

This week, we have reviewed some of the government departments that work together to protect Americans right to travel (DHS, USCIS, Border Patrol, Customs, ICE, TSA, and the State Dept Travel). These government agencies are constantly looking for qualified workers.

US citizenship is the first qualification for federal job. In order to obtain a federal job, a citizen must apply for a federal job.

The second step towards obtaining a federal job, is creating an account at USAJOBS: the official job site of the federal government. At USAJOBS, you can search for jobs , apply for jobs, and upload your resume for employers to review.

Because there is so much information of its website, USAJOBS has posted tutorial videos about how to use this site.

Many students apply to work at the Post Office. Here is more info about getting a job with the "travel" departments: DHS, USCIS, ICE, CBP, TSA, State Dept-Travel.

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