Saturday, August 2, 2008 Interviews with Today's Immigrants

As part of online exhibit: Immigration...The Changing Face of America, the Library of Congess has collected Interviews of Today's Immigrants conducted by students and teachers. The interviews are organized by geographic region, and list the name of the interviewer, the interviewee, relationship, age at immigration, year of immigration, and port of entry. Each story is fascintating, heartbreaking, and inspirational.

While you are at the LOC website, checkout the other Library of Congress Digital Collections featuring photos, videos, music, audio clips, and essays on thousands of topics.

Did you know that the original Library of Congress was destroyed when the British burned down Washington DC during the War of 1812?

Less than a day after the attack began, a hurricane which included a tornado passed through Washington DC, damaging the British navy and putting out the fires in the capital. A week later, the British attacked Fort McHenry (between Washington DC and Baltimore), inspiring Francis Scott Key to write the
Star Spangled Banner. The retired President Thomas Jefferson donated his personal library to re-establish the Library of Congress.

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