Thursday, May 31, 2007

USCIS News 2007-05-30: New Fees Start July 30, 2007

New Fees

Today we will listen to a quick update about the new USCIS fees starting July 30, 2007.

The fee increase begins July 30, 2007. That means that your forms must be postmarked no later than July 29, 2007 11:59pm to take advantage of the lower fees.

The N-400 will increase to $675. For all the new fee information, go to
  1. Building an Immigration Service for the Twenty-First Century (Start Here!).
  2. USCIS Fee Schedule - Effective July 30, 2007 (How Much? New Fees!).
  3. Questions and Answers: USCIS Sets Final Fee Schedule to Build an Immigration Service for the 21st Century.
  4. USCIS Fee Waiver Guidance (For those who have no income).
  5. Class Handout: Summary of the New Fees.
  6. Class Handout: Sending Your N-400 to the USCIS.
    For Class Handout: Sending Your N-400 to USCIS--please note that there are four pages: one page for each USCIS Service Center in California, Texas, Nebraska, and Vermont. Please confirm that you are using the correct page for your state. Originally, I put the information for all four USCIS Service Centers and their assigned states on a single sheet of paper. When I gave the single sheet of paper to my students, they became confused. The print was too tiny and there was too much information.
I re-formatted the information and printed the Summary of the New Fees on the first side and Sending Your N-400 to USCIS on the second side. I printed the information on color paper so they can find this paper quickly and easily. Many students took extra copies home for their family and friends.

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