Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Q01-04: USCIS 96 Questions 01-04 with Explantions from the M-638

USCIS 96 Questions 01-04

Today we begin a new series based on USCIS M-638 Quick Civics Lessons.  Every podcast, we will listen to two to five of the USCIS 96 questions plus the commentary provided by the M-638. 

Today we will listen to Questions 01 to 04 plus M-638 comments.  You can download the Class Handout Q01-04 to deepen your knowledge of US History and Politics and broaden your English language skills. Look for new vocabulary, grammar structures, and idoms. 

Note the key words--these words will help you remember Q01-04's questions and answers.  The key words for Q01-04 are:

  1. Flag

  2. Red

  3. White

  4. Blue

  5. Stars

You can get more info about the US Flag from

  1. Ben's Guide to the Flag (good for ESL Students)

  2. US Senate's Guide to the Flag (official US gov't document)

  3. Wikipedia's article on the US Flag (includes images of the US Flag as each new state's star is added.

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