Monday, May 28, 2007

Q08: USCIS 96 Question 08: States

USCIS 96 Questions 08

Today we will listen to Questions 08 plus M-638 comments and the list of US States by Date of Statehood. You can download the Class Handout 08 to deepen your knowledge of US Geography, History and Politics and broaden your English language skills. Look for new vocabulary, grammar structures, and idioms. Note the key words--these words will help you remember questions and answers. The key word for Q08 is:

  1. States

Because we have only one question today, we have included extra information about the dates the states. Most people memorize the names of the states alphabetically by name, but today we will list the states in the order that they were admitted into the Union. You can use this information two ways: first, practice date information; second, use a map and follow the growth of the United States.

You can get more info about the US States from

Wikipedia: List of US States by Date of Statehood
US Mint State Quarters Program

On this Memorial Day Weekend, we would like to remember all those who gave their life for their country as combatants and non-combatants. We would also like to remember all those who are graduating this weekend, especially my fellow students in San Jose StateUniversity's MA TESOL Program.

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