Thursday, May 24, 2007

Q05-07: USCIS 96 Questions 05-07 with Explantions from the M-638

USCIS 96 Questions 05-07

Today we will listen to Questions 05 to 07 plus M-638 comments. You can download the Class Handout Q05-07 to deepen your knowledge of US History and Politics and broaden your English language skills. Look for new vocabulary, grammar structures, and idoms.

Note the key words--these words will help you remember Q01-04's questions and answers. The key words for Q01-04 are:

  1. Flag
  2. Stripes
  3. States

You can get more info about the US Flag and the First 13 States from

  1. Enchanted Learning's US Flag (Appropriate for children & adults!)
  2. flags & websites of the first 13 states)
  3. Boston1775 (A fascinating blog of the American Revolution)

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