Wednesday, December 9, 2020

People Seeking US Citizenship Face Tougher Test

VOANews: People Seeking US Citizenship Face Tougher Test 

People seeking U.S. citizenship will now be required to take a longer and more complex test.

The test centers on civics, a study of the rights and duties of citizenship. There are now 128 subjects relating to American history and government for applicants to study before taking the test. There used to be 100 subjects.

The new test requires applicants to answer 20 questions instead of 10. To pass, individuals must answer 12 questions correctly, or 60 percent. This is the same pass rate as before.  (read more)  (listen to the mp3)


applicant – n. someone who asks for something officially, usually in writing

interview – n. a meeting in which someone is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a job, position, etc.

original – adj. existing since the beginning

status – n. the legal position of someone or something

determination – n. a decision that something will happen

efficiency – n. the good use of time and energy

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