Tuesday, December 29, 2020

George Washington Remembers Crossing The Delaware


George Washington's Mount Vernon: George Washington Remembers Crossing The Delaware 

General George Washington reminiscences the crossing the Delaware River, on the evening of December 25, 1776. A day that forever changed history. Learn more about the Battle of Trenton

USCIS 100:69. Who is the “Father of Our Country”?
  • (George) Washington
USCIS 100:70. Who was the first President?*
  • (George) Washington
USCIS 128:80. The American Revolution had many important events. Name one.
  • (Battle of) Bunker Hill
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware (Battle of Trenton)
  • (Battle of) Saratoga
  • Valley Forge (Encampment)
  • (Battle of) Yorktown (British surrender at Yorktown)
USCIS 128:86. George Washington is famous for many things. Name one.*
  • Father of Our Country
  • First president of the United States
  • General of the Continental Army
  • President of the Constitutional Convention

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