Thursday, December 17, 2020

Citizenship Fall Class 35

This is the last class for 2020. The next class is Tue. Jan 5, 2021. 
However during the Christmas Break, I will post daily lessons related to U.S. Citizenship.  
If you need to contact me, email

Fall Citizenship Zoom Class is Tue and Thu 7:00-8:30 pm PDT
For one-on-one interviews 6:00-7:00--email Teacher Jennifer

Direct Link to the Fall Citizenship Zoom Class 

  • read and write pdf
  • Preparing for the Oath quiz
  • Cambridge Ventures Arcade: Citizenship Preparing for the N-400 pdf
  • Overview of the Revised N-400 Part 12 pdf
  • N-400r Part 12 Overview pptx via Google Slides 
  • N-400r Part 12 Overview Vocabulary (pdf of pptx
      • N-400 Part 12 Quiz 3 pdf

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