Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Citizenship Fall Class 9


Constitution (google slides)
  • US Constitution Quick Quiz (picture vocabulary) pdf

Fall Citizenship Zoom Class is Tue and Thu 7:00-8:30 pm PDT
For one-on-one interviews 6:00-7:00--email Teacher Jennifer jgagliar@musd.org

Join Zoom Meeting
ID: 597 738 4168
Password: 226317

Direct Link to the Fall Citizenship Zoom Class 

  1. n-400r-12i   Deportation
  2. n-400r-12j   Military Service
  • USCIS: Benjamin Frank;in and the US Constitution beginning
  • si.edu: Preparing for The Oath
  • Hao Thi Vu (Vietnam): A Quick Interview for US Constitution and Citizenship Day 2014 based on the new N-400r (2014) pdf 

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