Saturday, November 5, 2016

2016 Proposition Song

Teacher Jennifer says: My fellow teachers and I have really struggled to teach the CA propositions. 
I found the 2016 Proposition Song via KQED's California Report: Too Many California Ballot Measures? Just Explain Them in Song By Ben Adler Capital Public Radio--which includes some fun, collaborative ways to study up for the election. 2016 Proposition Song

Learn about the 17 propositions on California's November 2016 ballot in less than 5 minutes! This sing-along song covers each prop in an accurate, entertaining and nonpartisan way. Produced by the California Voter Foundation, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization working to improve the voting process to better serve voters, online at More about this production is online at

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along!

Oh, we’re having an election, November 8’s the day.
There’s 17 propositions, come vote and have your say.
Prop 51’s the first one, nine billion in school bonds
52 deals with state hospital fees and Medi-Cal matching funds.

Prop 53 requires should the state want revenue bonds
to first ask California voters for their permission.
If we pass Prop 54, the public gets to see
all legislative meetings with more bill transparency.

In twenty-twelve the voters passed Prop 30 which requires
A state income tax increase that’s ready to expire.
Prop 55 extends those tax increases twelve more years
Without it extra funds for schools would disappear.

It’s the Proposition Song! You should all be singing along! ‘Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

Prop 56 would enact a new tobacco tax
If it passes smokers pay two more bucks per pack.
Prop 57’s next, and it deals with crime
If it’s passed, non-violent offenders could do much less time.

Remember back in ‘98 when voters they did pass
Prop 227 which requires English-only classes?
Prop 58 amends that law and if passed would instead
let parents and local schools decide which method they think’s best.

Next we have an advisory vote, if we pass Prop 59
We’re saying that we don’t agree with Citizens United
And lawmakers should enact new laws to regulate
Corporate donations on behalf of candidates.
It’s the Proposition Song! You should all be singing along! Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

Prop 60 is about safe sex and if we think there oughta be
Requirements for participants in the adult film industry.
Prop 61’s ‘bout drug pricing and seeks to regulate
the amount spent when prescription drugs are purchased by the state.

Some think capital punishment’s wrong, some don’t take this view
The state’s death penalty’s repealed if we pass Prop 62.
Supporters of gun owners’ rights don’t like Prop 63
Proponents say vote yes to support more firearms safety.

Proposition 64 asks voters if we oughta
Regulate, tax and legalize marijuana.
Prop 65 is sponsored by the plastics industry
if passed, grocers will not pocket carry-out bag fees.
The money would instead go toward state wildlife conservation
opponents say the true goal here is mass voter confusion.

It’s the Proposition Song! You should all be singing along! Cuz the ballot is too darn long!

Next we have another prop ‘bout the death penalty
And this didn’t happen accidentally.
Unlike Prop 62, 66 would not repeal
instead, if passed, those sentenced to death have less time to appeal.

We’ve come to the last measure, this one’s a referendum
it seeks to nullify a law, it’s called Prop 67
Well, just a few years back lawmakers passed a plastic bag ban
Vote yes on 67 if you think that’s a good plan.

You don’t have to vote on every prop. See, voting’s not a test
Just remember to vote my friends, and try to do your best.
If you want more information, just log yourself online
There’s a whole lot more at Calvoter-dot-org, we’re open all the time!

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