Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW PODCAST: Immigration Scams Part 3: Wallet Cards and Fotonovelas

Immigration Scams Part 3: Wallet Cards and Fotonovelas mp3
In this podcast, we focus on two excellent resources to prevent Immigration Scams: Wallet Cards and Fotonovelas.

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Pocket sized fold out flyer to help consumers spot and avoid scams that target immigrants. Order free copies. Available in: Fotonovelas in English and Spanish

As part of's ongoing effort to raise awareness about scams targeting the immigrant community, has developed a series of six “fotonovelas” in English and Spanish. The stories are based on complaints to the FTC from Spanish speakers throughout the nation and offer practical tips to help detect and stop common scams. You can download pdfs of the fotonovelas for free or order copies  and distribute them in your community.  Here are two of the fotonovelas:

Notario scams

This fotonovela tells readers the warning signs of a notario scam, where to find help with the immigration process, and how to report scams to the Federal Trade Commission.

Estafas de notario

La fotonovela les dice a los lectores cuáles son los signos de advertencia de una estafa de notario, dónde encontrar ayuda para el proceso de inmigración, y cómo reportar las estafas a la Comisión Federal de Comercio. Solicite copias gratuitas.

Government Imposters

This fotonovela tells readers how to identity a government imposter and warns of the dangers of sending money to a stranger.

Impostores del gobierno

Esta fotonovela les dice a los lectores cómo saber si están tratando con un impostor de gobierno y los advierte a los riesgos de enviar dinero a un desconocido. Solicite copias gratuitas.

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