Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The United States Navy Memorial

uscitizenpod: The United States Navy Memorial

The United States Navy Memorial is home to the Memorial Plaza, which features Stanley Bleifeld's famous statue, The Lone Sailor. The Lone Sailor, a tribute to all personnel of the sea services, overlooks the Granite Sea, an exact replication of the world's oceans. Surrounding the Granite Sea are two fountain pools, honoring the personnel of the American Navy and the other navies of the world. The southern hemisphere of the Granite Sea is surrounded by 26 bronze bas-reliefs commemorating events, personnel, and communities of the various sea services.

Foir more info about the US Navy Memorial Bronze Reliefs, see

I took these pictures in Washington DC, April 2013.  Although this set is still under construction, I posted these pictures because my father's naval service enable our family of seven to live the middle-class American Dream: college education, home ownership,  a good job, healthcare insurance, and a secure retirement.  Thanks, Dad!  Thank you, US Navy!

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