Wednesday, February 29, 2012

US Citizenship Podcasts Celebrates African-American History Month

Happy African-American History Month! During the month of February, US Citizenship Podcast will explore the connection between the USCIS History and Government questions and African American History. Let's get started!

  • Feb 01 USCIS 100:60 Slaves, Slavery, and Olaudah Equiano mp3

  • Feb 02 USCIS 100:61 Colonists, Taxes, Crispus Attuks, Lemuel Haynes, and the American Revolutionary War mp3

  • Feb 03 USCIS 100:62 the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, and Sally Hemings mp3

  • Feb 04 USCIS 100:69 George Washington, Phillis Wheatley, and Columbia mp3

  • Feb 05 USCIS 100:65 The Constitutional Convention, the Great Compromise, and Slavery mp3

  • Feb 06 USCIS 100:94 Washington DC, Benjamin Banneker, and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson mp3

  • Feb 07 USCIS 100:71 Louisiana Territory, Missouri River, and York mp3

  • Feb 08 USCIS 100:09 Life, Liberty, and La Amistad mp3

  • Feb 09 USCIS 100:77 Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, and Civil Rights mp3

  • Feb 10 USCIS 100:99 July 4th, Slavery, and Fredrick Douglass mp3

  • Feb 11 USCIS 100:74 Slavery, the Supreme Court, and Dred Scott mp3

  • Feb 12 USCIS 100:75 Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and the Underground Railroad mp3

    More to come!

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