Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Courage to Speak Out - International Women of Courage 2024 (part 3)


Spotlighting the stories of four recipients of the 2024 International Women of Courage. All across the world, these women are knocking down the barriers that prevent women and girls from reaching their full potential. The U.S. stands with every woman of courage working to build greater stability, greater equality, and greater opportunity. 

Established in 2007, this annual award honors women from around the world who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, and leadership in order to bring about positive change to their communities, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. To date, under the IWOC program, the U.S. Department of State has recognized more than 190 women in 90 countries. All awardees have advocated for the protection of human rights, advanced gender equity and equality, empowered women and girls, in all their diversity, and fostered peace and government transparency around the world. Read more

Ajna Jusić, is a psychologist and feminist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She successfully advocated for the passage of the first law in the world that grants special rights to children born through acts of wartime sexual violence.

Rina Gonoi of Japan resigned from the Japan Self-Defense Force and launched a public campaign to expose sexual harassment, prompting other abuse survivors to share their stories. The JSDF is now building a more secure workplace so everyone can defend Japan with dignity.

Fatou Baldeh, a survivor of female genital mutilation and cutting from The Gambia, documented women's experiences during the Jammeh dictatorship, including murder and rape. She saved her young niece from FGM/C, breaking the cycle in her own family.

Rabha El Haymar used the law to get Morocco to recognize her traditional marriage, sparing her daughter a life of stigma as the child of a single mother. A documentary featuring Haymar raises awareness about the plight of single mothers and Moroccan family laws. 

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