Saturday, November 11, 2023

Veterans Day 2023


  • U.S. Citizenship Resources for Veterans Day page (more resources)
  • A 21-Question “Salute” for Veterans Day Quiz based on the USCIS 100qs pdf | audiogram
  • Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r for Current and Former Armed Forces Members pdf
  • N-400 Practice Interview: Part 12 Detailed Review: 
    • Question 15: Group Violence pdf
    • Questions 17-21 Gang, Weapons, Child Soldiers pdf
    • Questions 37-44 U.S. Military Service pdf
    • Questions 45-50 Attachment to the U.S. Constitution pdf
  • Part 18 Oath of Allegiance pdf
  • The Selective Service / el Servicio Selectivo in English and Español audiogram

USCIS Office of Citizenship

USCIS Military

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