Monday, November 13, 2023

Chinese Migration to the US

On Today's podcast, Dan Novak and Dan Friedell host the show while Dan Novak tells listeners what they are going to hear.
01:00 First, Caty Weaver reports on the increase in Chinese migrants who are traveling through Panama trying to get to the U.S. southern border. The migrants start in Ecuador which has no visa requirements. There are also YouTube videos aimed at pushing migrants to use this path.
07:50 Listen to more stories about the Navajo tribe and Antarctica.

Words in This Story

emigration –n. to leave a country to live somewhere else

character –n. (language) a symbol that is used in writing or printing to express meaning in a language that does not use an alphabet

meme – n. a picture, video, usage, or term that spreads through the internet

despair –n. a feeling of having no hope

white-collar –adj. related to or describing office jobs that are usually done at a desk

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