Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Thao Anh N Tran: From Refugee to U.S. Foreign Service Officer


Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman: After the Vietnam War, Thao Anh Tran's father was imprisoned for his political beliefs. This #WorldRefugeeDay, we talked about how she chose a career as a diplomat at the State Department to represent American values—and help people like her father—around the world.


  • USCIS 100:78. Name one war fought by the United States in the 1900s.*
  • USCIS 100:83. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States?
  • USCIS 100:53. What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen?
  • USCIS 100:58. What is one reason colonists came to America?
  • USCIS 100:09. What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?
  • USCIS 100:51. What are two rights of everyone living in the United States?
  • USCIS 100:35. What does the President’s Cabinet do?
  • USCIS 100:36. What are two Cabinet-level positions?

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