Monday, August 17, 2020

Resources about Voting and the 2020 Election for AdultEdu, ESL, and Citizenship Students

American English at State

Colorín Colorado
  1. Check the data
  2. Know your risk
  3. Mail it in
  4. Dropping off your mail-in ballot
  5. Voting in person
ESL Discussions
  • Voting (20 discussion questions)
ESL Fast
ESL Library
ESL Podcast: Government + Law
  • Excellent resource for Advanced students.  Requires subscription.
    • ESL Podcast 1230 – Expressing Disapproval of Elected Officials
    • ESL Podcast 733--Voting in an Election
    • ESL Podcast 825--Political Advertising Election Headquarters
  • Although these games are geared towards K-12 civics students, these games are great practice for higher-level ESL Citizenship students, especially WIN THE WHITE HOUSE. 

ISL Collective:

I Side With
  • I Side With Presidential Quiz 

JenniferESL Voting 

Khan Academy: Electoral College

Learning Chocolate
  • Election 2020 SectionAlthough these stories are geared towards K-12 civics students, they can be adapted for higher-level ESL Citizenship students.  Requires Subscription!
  • Resources for Election 2020
    • Kristi Reyes and posted a great directory of #2020Election activities for advanced ELL and ABE Adult Edu students post
Story Corps:
this i believe
  • Democracy (many essays with audio about voting)
US Citizenship Podcast
Voice of America
Vote Smart
More Easy Election Resources Resources 

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